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Career management center is a one stop, Lifelong career management consultancy provider for students and professionals. Under this initiative we will be providing services like


We will be providing

  • Assessment
  • Recruitment
  • Counseling
  • CV Writing skills
  • Interview Preparation
  • Job Placement


Discover Your Nature Learning Styles
n learning by type Dr. Muhammad Qamar ul Hassan and his team works with students and professionals for facilitating them in discovering and capitalizing upon their natural learning style. People of different type have their own natural, inherent and innate learning style. In this Training program we emphasize on and make people understand that we all exit in 16 different types and each type has its own preferred learning style through which they can learn most efficiently and effectively.

learning by type


Learn to Teach all Personality TYPES
This initiative is for Teachers to facilitate them in discovering their teaching style and learning to accommodate different natural learning styles of all of their students which helps in developing good understanding among students and teachers so that best learning can take place.

learn to teach


KNOW YOURSELF TO KNOW YOUR WORTH: Know yourself is the initiative of Dr. Muhammad Qamar ul Hassan in which he facilitates the individual in discovering their natural talents and potential by discovering their personality types. Individuals learn about their innate learning patterns which lead to their natural learning, leading and communication styles. In this training program people get to know their potential strengths and blind areas. However, Dr. Muhammad Qamar ul Hassan educated the people in Know yourself that how important it is to understand and identify our blind areas so that we can prevent them from becoming our weak areas.

Moreover, Know yourself is a life changing workshop in which your paradigm of living changes. There will be no guesswork, hits and trails and you will be living life in very planned and predictable manner after attending this workshop.