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let’s be a happy family!
Know your partner is an initiative in which we highlight that happy family is an important unit of a successful society. A family to be happy requires all family members to respect & understand each other but it’s a difficult task when we see the practices in different parts of the world. So, know your partner facilitate life partners to better understand each other using the insights of personality types so that they can better respect & accommodate with each other.


We will be providing

  • Assessments
  • Counseling
  • Workshop


In this service life partner will be better able to understand each other & will identify effective way of keeping each other happy.

know Your partner


Every child is different
We facilitate Parents and Teachers to better understand your children to become more effective Parent and Teacher. By Using MMTIC assessment we facilitate children to find their natural strengths for lifelong success. Our Mission is to Empower and Facilitate all Parents of the world in better Understanding of their KIDS so that Parenting Effectiveness can increase for Better Nurturing. Inspire kids through fun and interactive sessions by experienced Consultants where they talk about their success stories along with the failures that they faced.

Our Goal:

At KnowYourKids.Org our goal is to facilitate all parents and teachers to better understand their kids by identifying and understanding their Personality Types so that they can do more effective Parenting and Teaching by individualizing their parenting and teaching strategies.

Our Services:

We provide assessment, counseling and training services to children, parents and teachers, individually and in groups.


3. Parenting By Type:

helping parents to know their kids
Parenting by Type is one of the most effective evidence-based parenting programs, backed up by more than 15 years of ongoing research. It gives parents simple and practical strategies to help them confidently manage their children’s behavior, prevent problems developing and build strong, healthy relationships.

  • Taking Initiative
  • Learning & Fun
  • Set Goals & Achieve
  • Solving Problems
parenting by type & know your kid

4. Relationship by Type:

In this workshop the strategy is to improve the relationship with different Personality Types. Personality Types differences in between couples results in conflicts, which affects the quality of relationship & overall family. When couples understand each other they can not only communicate more effectively with each other but they can better take care of each other expectations.

  • Understand your relationships in a better way.
  • Affirm the contributions of both parties to the relationship.
  • Enable you to structure your relationship & life style so that the needs of both identified.
  • Easily recognize the reasons behind conflicts, arguments and misunderstanding in relationships.